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If you are a tourist traveling in Nagoya,why not try a shamisen.

I am katsuchika kineya that keep a shamisen school in Nagoya Japan.

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place :Gokiso school subway Tsurumai-line,Sakuradori-line Gokiso station


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ok empty-handed

I would like to introduce traditional Japanese culture Nagauta and the music instrument Shamisen 

The song I will perform has been singing as back ground music for Kabuki since 17th century. 

Today, performing style of just shamisen and nagauta has been established. I mainly perform my music as background for traditional Japanese dancer.

As I mentioned, Nagauta is back ground music for Kabuki however, I am not able to perform since I am a female. Kabuki is only organized by male dancers and musicians. Female is not allowed to go on the stage. Hence, female roles will be performed by male kabuki actors as well. 

When I perform, I always sit straight. Some time I keep the posture for 30min and up to one hour !

*Brief description of my equipment


ばち prectrum It’s made of ivory.

絹の糸 It’s a made of silk.

胴 The body is covered with cat skin and the strings are made of silk thread.

We play shamisen by striking the strings with a plectrum to accompany the traditional Japanese songs.

Nagoya gokiso school


Gokisocommunity center